back again.

Well, here I am again, why do I keep putting myself in this position? I vowed I wouldn’t do this to myself, I couldn’t; to be frank, I’m doing nothing but hindering myself and will end up failing immensely. What’s boggles me is that I was doing so well, but I sat back and relaxed. I know what happens to me when I relax, I fall into a deep spiral and I’ve done it…again and again. I’m a perpetual slacker, and as actively as I try to combat it, time and time again I let it get the best of me. I have no one or anything to blame other than myself.

It’s unfortunate, mainly because I think I can do more, but I still end up here. Just to give you all some basis, I’m talking about school (as usual; that’s all I have going on in my life).


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