this week.

This week summed up– fml.

My university had a five-day break this past week, so my professors (15 credits, 5 classes) decided to assign some work…all due one after the other and each required a sufficient amount of time and effort. A term paper for world history, a long paper for fiction, a film analysis on Cape Fear for my film noir course, diagnosing cases for my abnormal psych course, and questions for my experimental psych course. The term paper was due Monday (4/17), long paper and the experimental homework were due Tuesday (4/18), the cases and the film analysis were both due today (4/19). I should’ve been done with all of this, but I have yet to turn in my fiction and film analysis paper. I’m skipping class and giving myself a two-hour break just to get these done…wish me luck.

I’m inundated, three more weeks.

I should be back to posting on here regularly soon, see you.



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