These past few weeks have been tough, work load wise mostly and stress wise too. I feel time is slipping away from me, much too quickly. I feel like there’s so much that I want to do, but there’s no time. I would love to be more active on this blog, but seriously there’s no time. I mentioned that I’d like to start really posting some poetry, and some fiction, but as of right now I cannot get my brain to function. The hours fly by, and by the time I look up its 11:54pm and I have to get to bed or else I’ll sleep in. The assignments I had due, I finished most of them, but I still haven’t turned in this one paper. I keep looking at it, but the words just aren’t flowing, you know? I’m in a funk. I hate feeling like this, I feel crazy. The semesters just about done and I can’t wait, I could use the time off.


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